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No artigo How to Turn a Blog Post into a Press Release destacam-se as seguintes orientações: ter a certeza de que se está a a anunciar algo (lembrar os valores notícia, pode ser útil); escrever na terceira pessoa, rever o título, espreitar a concorrência ou ver bons exemplos, mas também:

Rearrange the post to contain these press release elements
Dateline: If you use a press release distribution service they’ll make sure you get this right, but if you’re writing it on your own, the format is: “CITY NAME [all caps], State abbreviation (Month Day, Year) – “ So as an example, you’d have “POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y., (Aug. 31, 2011) – [First sentence starts here.]”
Lead: The main news. You can be creative with your first sentence, but make sure you get the who, what, where, why and how in the first paragraph. Your keyword/s should be in the lead as well as the headline.
Quote: A quote isn’t required, but it always helps to illuminate the press release and give it some personality. Go ahead and use “I”s and “you”s here. The quote is usually the second paragraph, but again, not required.
Boilerplate: At the end of every press release, include a short paragraph about the company, again in the third person. Your website and phone number go here, too.