Uma ideia para demonstrar competências: porta-fólio

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A construção de um porta-fólio ao longo do curso pode ser um  excelente método para, na hora de mostrar competências, apresentar numa entrevista de emprego. Mais do que o discurso que se sabe fazer, há a prova do que já se fez. Linda Burkley numa síntese intitulada: Take Pride in Your Portfolio: Showcasing your skills to make the most of your job search, refere:

The recent economic turbulence has forced practitioners — with all levels of experience and from all types of organizations — into the job market, creating an extremely competitive environment. So a portfolio is necessary to set you, your skills and your experiences apart from others.

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First, get organized. Are your writing clips up to date? Do you still have a copy of the award-winning piece that you were recognized for nearly 10 years ago? Do you remember how you accomplished the specific goals and objectives of a campaign?

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As you acquire these types of samples that showcase your abilities, maintain careful records of your work, dates of accomplishments and the original pieces (either digital or hard copy). Even if you don’t use them for a portfolio, the information may be a good reference for presentations or for updating your résumé. (…)

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In keeping with the “seeing is believing” strategy, include only your best samples. And if you have high-quality examples of other work besides items that you’ve written — such as photography, graphic design, video production — include those as well, especially if you think the skills will be valuable to potential employers.

Research remains a critical component of the job search process, and job seekers must remember to explore companies before interviewing or submitting a portfolio. Think about which skills you’ve mastered that best connect with the company’s mission and vision, and how that can be illustrated.

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While the job market remains competitive, you should remain optimistic about your search. If you approach the process in an organized, professional manner with substantial documentation of your creative skills and abilities, then your name will move to the top of any employer’s or recruiter’s callback list.