Why PR is good for branding

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Em Why PR is good for branding Craig Pearce lembra a importância da atividade de Relações Públicas na construção de uma marca:

This is because PR is the primary architect and facilitator of stakeholder engagement, its brief being to be concerned about both the organisation and its stakeholders – their knowledge, opinions and behaviour. And a brand is built, these social media-powered days especially, as a partnership between multiple entities.


if public relations is the best qualified in, and most concerned about, ensuring all stakeholders’ (including the organisation’s itself) holistic well-being, then I can’t see the logic in marketing trying to boss PR around in this argument.


The two main broad-reach platforms that PR can use to help build brands are media and social media.

Positive placement of stories about a brand in editorial media, sustained over a period of time, is an excellent way to build a brand. Editorial discussions of a brand, or discussions that feature it, will deliver a much higher degree of positive stakeholder engagement than advertising.

Editorial has an implicit third party endorsement of the brand, whereas advertising does not. And as the media is typically thought of as being quite critical in their reporting, their implied or stated approval adds impetus to brand momentum.


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