O eterno problema da definição: O que são Relações Públicas?

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Michael Sebastian, no artigo On social media, practitioners finish the line, ‘PR is …’ lembra a campanha realizada pela Public Relations Society of America no ano passado para encontrar uma definição clara da atividade de Relações Públicas.

[“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relations between organizations and their publics.” Does it explain the profession? To an extent, sure. s it clear? Depends on whom you ask—many people dismissed it as too muddled for public consumption].

[Recently, PR Newswire entered the definition fray, although its mission wasn’t as comprehensive as that of PRSA. The newswire service asked its followers on Twitter and Facebook to fill in the blank, “PR is _____.” Meryl Serouya, a marketing and communications associate at PR Newswire, said the company wanted to start a broad conversation about PR and its growing importance.
“It’s undeniable that there has been a huge transformation within the industry and PR has broken through the shackles of being just a media relations function,” she said. “At PR Newswire, we’ve seen this change firsthand. … We wanted to allow the broader community to participate in the conversation in an easy, fun way.]”



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