O ‘horror’ de falar em público

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Andy Harrington ensina a como agarrar a audiência. Dicas úteis e acessíveis a toda a gente… Desde que saiba Inglês, é claro.

Ver o vídeo AQUI.

… Public Speaking – An Essential Skill

… To master public speaking is an essential component in the mastery of business. Because if you can’t lead your audience, followers and potential customers while speaking to them in public… your business will never reach its potential.

….There is no upcoming task or activity that causes more fear, panic and dread than public speaking. The research shows that public speaking in the English speaking world is the highest fear of them all. In fact it ranks even higher than the fear of death!

This gives a whole new ring of truth to the phrase “I’d rather die than speak in public!”

After the very real fear of an catastrophic embarrassing moment (which in reality rarely happens) the next worry people have is exactly what to say. Following that its how to say it in an engaging and entertaining way that does not bore your audience.

How much are you looking to either, a) teach, b) inspire c) sell d) lead?

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are expected in todays world of instant communication, not only to speak on behalf of their organization, but to lead from the perspective of what they do and say, with the eyes of the world able to measure their promises and actions.

In the world of professional selling (indeed if you sell anything and if you are in business in any capacity you do!) the ability to influence and persuade a live audience is a road to earning potential, even great wealth.

If you feel comfortable speaking to more than an individual you are halving the time it takes to make a sale by talking to two. How much more if its a hundred a thousand or ten thousand? And now with online video and internet audiences you don’t even have to do this live. Bigger live audiences offer social proof which means many more people will take action and buy because they feel safe doing so when other people are. Ver mais em  http://publicspeakersuniversity.com


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