É uma pessoa consistente?

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Os conselhos de Steve Tobak em  1:  5 job interview tips  e 2: 7 myths

1 – Sure, you should look and behave professionally in person and online. Clean up your social media presence by keeping your public profile professional and your personal stuff password protected between family and friends, for example. The company is interviewing you to see if you can do the job and fit in. The best way to stand out is to show you can do that with minimal drama.

2 – Look and behave professionally online and in person. Keep your own personal drama out of the workplace and out of your public online presence like LinkedIn (LNKD), Twitter, Facebook or your personal blog. Companies do not hire or promote personal brands. They hire and promote people who can get the job done and won’t be a pain in the rear. I don’t call that personal branding. I call that common sense. Use it.


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