Firms need PR’s punch ?

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Na Marketing Week Jo Roberts assina um artigo intitulado Firms need PR’s punch onde afirma:

It’s vital that business leaders recognise the value and scope of PR, says Morris: “It’s hugely important for FMCG companies because consumers have a choice that they can exercise every time they make a purchase. You need to ensure that consumers understand your brand and your corporate values, and PR can help you to do that.”

An Integrated Marketing Communications team brings together people from multiple disciplines, including PR, digital and experiential, to ensure that all departments are consulted throughout the campaign development process.

Social media has changed the role of the PR function in developing campaigns at Coke, adds Morris, because it’s no longer about putting out a message; it’s about developing a campaign that consumers can engage with.

“There was a time when PR was just about amplifying a marketing campaign, but that’s no longer the case. Sometimes now, PR will lead a campaign. Social media has changed our role,” he says.

Ler ainda o case study da Coca-Cola no final deste mesmo artigo.

Também a reter são as palavras de Fraser Hardie:

Campaigns need to be underpinned with compelling audience insights and investment in strategy. It requires a new strategic approach to evolve from a push model of communication to engagement.

Who is best placed to do that thinking? In my view, top drawer PR people, because they have the skills to create winning narratives. They are comfortable with strategy and narrative development. They can fuse the strengths of communications strategy (PR and advertising) with the approaches of political strategy.

They understand how to earn the right to speak. They evolve and deliver accurate messages through earned media and the channels where true engagement is possible. They should also understand the need to create new structures and governance to allow more intuitive decision-making.


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