4 razões para mudar de atitude

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«Starting a small business takes a lot of hard work and talent. Keeping a small business going takes even more of the same. According to labor statistics, more than 80 percent of businesses fail within the first year – but very few reports explain why».

Katie Morrel, no artigo 4 Reasons Companies Fail , recorda o autor do livro «Your Marketing Sucks»,  Mark Stevens, para quem há 4 razões para o desaparecimento de um pequeno negócio:

Livro de Mark Stevens
Livro de Mark Stevens

 1. Lack of leadership

“Set the example yourself,” he says. “At my company, I tell my employees to give me homework. This shows them that their leader is willing to do the work to make the company exceptional, not just the job of a CEO.” Leaders also reward high performing team members, he says.

 2. Complacency

“I see companies that were doing really well before 2008 because there was simply enough business to go around,” Stevens says. “They got lazy, didn’t do marketing, and assumed it would always be that way. Then, when things got bad, they had to close up shop.” 

3. Hot and cold customer treatment

This is where small businesses have an advantage, Stevens says. “Lets say you sell someone a dish set. After they take it home, send them a card that says, ‘I hope you enjoy a million happy meals on these plates’ and I guarantee that person will come back to your store.”

 4. Conventional thinking

  “You really need to look at yourself and ask, ‘What is the wisest thing to do in my business for my team members and for my clients?’”


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