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Será que a música «love or leave me» se aplica ao trabalho?

4 Good Reasons To Leave Your Job Now
… 4 issues that should absolutely make you run— not walk — into job interview mode.

1. Major Ethical Issues

“Major ethical violations are good reasons to leave a job – especially when the act is so big and entrenched in the culture or operations of the company that nothing can be done to change it from the inside”, says Kimberly Schneiderman, founder of City Career Services.

2. Your Company Is Sinking

You hear the hushed conversations of the executives. Or you’re privy to frightening financial figures. Whatever your source is, if you know your company is about to combust, it’s probably a good idea to not go down with the ship if you don’t have to.

3. You’re Seriously Stressed

If you’re truly miserable — and even clinically depressed — you need to heed your body’s warning. “This isn’t always about the employer being ‘bad’ or doing something wrong,” says Schneiderman. “It can often be about the employee trying to do a job that they are not fit for.” When you’re applying to new positions, consider what is making you so stressed at this one.

4. Your Office Relationship Has Gone Bad

While it’s possible to find your soulmate at work, an office romance can be risky business. If a soured relationship is preventing you from doing your job, you’ll need to find a way to do it somewhere else (or at the very least, on another team).

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