Efeito Steve Jobs e o ipad2

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Ira Kalb explica: How Steve Jobs Turned the iPad 2 “Cover” into a Hot Item. No artigo, que inclui o vídeo de apresentação, explica-se a estratégia de comunicação:

This focus on the Smart Cover employs what I call the Elephant’s Trunk communications strategy (ET) since an elephant’s most unique and useful feature it its trunk. Using the ET strategy, marketers emphasizes a unique selling benefit of the product that will attract the most attention rather than dilute the marketing communication with features that competitors, and previous models, could also claim. The iPad is thinner, faster, and lighter than the previous version. As you have probably heard, it has cameras front and back and a built-in GPS. Based on Apple’s successful track record, this is expected and deemed evolutionary rather than revolutionary by expert reviewers. What is not expected is such an elegantly-designed cover that has important functional benefits such as…


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