Quando o medo paralisa…

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«I understand what drives many people to buy books about public speaking: Fear. I know because I’ve shared it» começa por revelar Herb Schaffner num artigo intitulado: The Best Advice for Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking .

… when I walked up on a podium and took my place at the lectern in front of an audience, and suddenly felt dry mouth, sweaty palms, shaking hands, pounding chest, even my voice ringing in my ears. I’d prepared a slick speech, but not my brain for the inevitable shock of taking the stage.

Aqui encontra pequenas dicas para contornar este obstáculo e algumas sugestões de leituras úteis.
A começar pela prática

… Practice not only to become more comfortable with your material, but to experience the gamut of emotions that come with speaking…

passando pelo conhecimento da audiência,

(…) common with the audience and collect information about your audience–from their jobs to their likely questions. By doing so, you will replace the anxious self-talk in your own mind with a new externally-focused challenge: what are the people like I will be speaking to?.


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