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Na Harvard Business Review, um artigo sobre Understanding the Language of Innovation, alia a retórica à Inovação a partir de um estudo junto de 8 empresas. Para ler na íntegra aqui.

We all know innovation has its own language conventions, rich with revolutions, evolutions, ecosystems, and more. This may seem like a harmless dialect that simply reflects the nature of the work. Innovators, after all, are trying to communicate the promise of something that may not exist yet, and sometimes that requires some optimistic adornment.

But maybe the metaphors and hyperbole signal something more important. Maybe the language is used because of a lack of quantitative data, or the fact an idea isn’t as completely formed as it needs to be. And if we could recognize that, we could use these communication tools only when they’re effective (or, put a better way, never when they’re not effective). We may be able to get buy-in on important innovations that would otherwise be denied.
[7 abril 2011 James Wilson]


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